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Welcome to our friendly caring Practice.

We aim to provide fabulous customer service and all of the practice team are passionate about the 'pursuit of excellence'.

We believe that you, the patient, are the most important person in our Practice. We aim to give you the time to explain your problems, the time to understand the procedures and finally the time to provide caring and gentle high quality dentistry.

dental phobia certifiedOur philosophy has always been to follow an holistic approach and treat everyone with the same care and high standards as if they were part of our own families. We would like you to trust and believe in the quality, standards and ethics of our long established Practice.

Dr André Hedger is a Dental Phobia Certified dentist Click Here to verify. 


Our practice is always looking for new innovations that will benefit our patients care and comfort and ensure that we are a 'cut above the rest'.

We take a 'Holistic' approach to diagnosis and treatment because we know that your oral health and the way your teeth bite has a great effect on your wider health

We have many exciting and effective advanced techniques and equipment available - here are just a few we would like to introduce you to.

The Wand - This 'magic' device numbs your teeth so well that most patients say they never feel a thing

Hypnosis - It really is possible to have dentistry that is both painless and relaxing!

CrystalAir - quietly prepares teeth for filling without needing numbing or drilling 

Invisible braces - Transparent braces to straighten teeth so no-one need never know...

Diagnodent - Laser scanner to check for early decay without the need for X-Rays
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TMD - Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction
(jawjoint problems / headaches / neck pain)

The Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) is the medical name given to the jaw joint. It is made up of the lower jaw which articulates against a disc in a cup shaped depression of the skull by the ear.

If the lower jaw is displaced it can cause the disc to come away from it's correct position and dislocate, causing a clicking or grating noise when the mouth opens.
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Orthodontics & Orthopaedics

Orthopaedics is the concept of guiding the growth of the developing jaws to obtain the best facial appearance and smile and function. This usually involves simple braces to expand and develop the arches.

Orthodontics is moving and straightening the teeth within the arch, to level and align them. This is usually done with fixed braces. We use the latest 'Delta' brace system from America which completes the treatment in half the time of conventional procedures. We also use "Invisalign" invisible braces and 'cosmetic lingual braces'
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Cosmetic dental treatments

Bleaching - This is the easiest way to enhance your smile by lightening the colour of your teeth. This does not damage the teeth and just removes the stains accumulated over the years that have seeped into the tooth structure

Crooked or gaps in teeth - Small defects can be reduced with bonding white filling materials. More severe cases are best treated with Orthodontics to straighten the teeth and give you a fabulous smile

Veneers or Crowns - Can cover more discoloured or heavily filled teeth with a thin layer of Porcelain to re-enamel them and give you that film star look!

Implants - Are excellent and the best option for missing teeth and can restore your smile and bite without damaging any neighbouring teeth.
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They are Titanium or Zirconium teeth that replace missing teeth. They do not affect the teeth around them, they support the bone (which normally reduces considerably after a tooth is removed), and they look amazing just like the real thing! The bite can be restored to full and normal function improving the chewing and nutrition

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We use anti-snoring appliances which really work and have been proven to do so. They hold the lower jaw forward during sleep and are easy to wear. If you have the more serious Sleep Apnoea we can identify that and refer you to a Sleep Clinic if required

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A FULL range of treatments are listed in the 'Our Services' section of the navigation.

Please feel free to ask about these or other dental matters with any of our helpful staff.

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